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We want to start conversations about sustainability in the Gen Z community, and to make these conversations more commonplace. We hope that in doing so, thinking sustainably will become the default for more members of our community.

If you want to share your ideas and connect with your community, then this is the place for you.

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Sustainia welcomes and encourages submissions from everyone. The target audience is the Gen Z community. If you are interested in writing for Sustainia, please fill in our Typeform by clicking on the button below. If you the button does not work, follow this link instead: https://form.typeform.com/to/qDQnCBto

Once we have approved your form submission, we will email you and set up a Google Drive folder where you can upload your submissions.

Tips for Blog Writing


Always include a feature image to go along with your blog post! Choose a feature image that fits nicely in landscape mode. Your feature image will be the big header image that appears at the very top of your post!


Include images throughout your post. When including images, be sure to cite your image source as well. A good place to find free-usable images is unsplash.com


Break your post into sections with headings. This will make your writing easier to read.


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