1. Lifestyle
When You Can’t Shop Zero-Waste With increased awareness of the environmental issues related to packaging waste has come an influx of specialty Zero Waste and Refill stores selling everything from dog treats to shampoo with little to no packaging. However, these items can come at a higher price than your run of the mill items […]
  1. Lifestyle
Confession I admit, I have definitely been (and continue to be) tempted by the aesthetic idea of having an all-new matching set of labelled mason jars, minimalistic unbleached produce bags & 100% recycled cotton tote bags for all my future low waste grocery hauls. Scrolling through Instagram & Pinterest “zero waste inspo” filled with both […]
  1. Lifestyle
My Skincare Addiction “10 STEP KOREAN SKINCARE ROUTINE” “K-POP STAR TIFFANY YOUNG’S 18-STEP BEAUTY ROUTINE” “IRENE KIM’S 25-STEP KOREAN BEAUTY ROUTINE” And these are only some of a plethora of videos that I consume on a daily basis regarding skincare and beauty. Hi, my name is Danielle Lim, and I am an addict – A […]


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