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As a child to an immigrant family, it would be commonly known that studying hard and working hard day-in-day-out was apart of the regiment. Being well educated was never questioned, but as society grows and continuously innovates, education methods will continually change and be questioned. “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs […]
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Two things: finance and sustainability; both topics not very often discussed in the same conversation. So, let’s start that conversation. When you think of sustainability, you rarely correlate that with making money, or money in general, especially since a sustainable lifestyle has always been thought of as an expensive or luxurious one to take after. […]
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COVID-19 situation has changed the way we study, work, and do every human activity, especially environmental campaigns. Even before the COVID-19 situation, plastic pollution was considered a problem caused by over-consumption. COVID-19 is overwhelming the health care system capacity. The same situation is happening with the disposal of waste of many countries. During this pandemic, […]
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If you have not noticed already, COVID-19 has induced a world-wide pandemic over the past 5 months, and it doesn’t seem to be wavering. A way that we have been combating this health issue is through protecting ourselves and others is by (hopefully) wearing face masks, measuring our temperatures, and social distancing as best as […]


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