Christine Wincentaylo's articles

  1. Lifestyle
Fast Fashion: Clothing that follows fashion trends and moves quickly with the latest pieces. Sadly 60% of clothing is now made with synthetic fibers and fossil fuels. When it reaches landfills, this clothing is unable to decompose and this poses a problem for the environment. Companies that use fast fashion include:   Uniqlo, Victoria’s Secret, Urban […]
  1. Science
 Climate change is real and we are the generation that needs to help slow down the process. Both directly and indirectly through education, research, and activism. Canadians specifically are generating approximately 31 million tonnes of garbage a year. Only 30 percent of that is recycled. (Waste) Greenhouse gases are the leading cause of global warming and […]
  1. Lifestyle
Lyrics from the song “Barbie Girl” by Aqua once said “Life in plastic, it’s fantastic”, isn’t so true “Plastic is the most prevalent type of marine debris found in our oceans and Great Lakes.” The thought of plastic being in my food and water makes me grossed out to think that we consume plastic […]


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