1. Lifestyle
Synopsis: This article offers 10 practical tips on curbing food waste. These include shopping and storage; cooking and upcycling kitchen scraps; sharing extra food; and disposing food responsibly. Source: Unsplash Every year, more than half of Canada’s food supply is wasted. It’s estimated that nearly $50 billion of that wasted food (2.2 million tonnes) could […]
  1. Science
 Climate change is real and we are the generation that needs to help slow down the process. Both directly and indirectly through education, research, and activism. Canadians specifically are generating approximately 31 million tonnes of garbage a year. Only 30 percent of that is recycled. (Waste) Greenhouse gases are the leading cause of global warming and […]
  1. Lifestyle
With increased awareness of the environmental issues related to packaging waste has come an influx of specialty Zero Waste and Refill stores selling everything from dog treats to shampoo with little to no packaging. However, these items can come at a higher price than your run of the mill items from the grocery store and […]
  1. Lifestyle
Confession I admit, I have definitely been (and continue to be) tempted by the aesthetic idea of having an all-new matching set of labelled mason jars, minimalistic unbleached produce bags & 100% recycled cotton tote bags for all my future low waste grocery hauls. Scrolling through Instagram & Pinterest “zero waste inspo” filled with both […]


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