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When talking to our youngest kids about the world’s environmental challenges, it’s all about finding the right starting point. Why did I want to develop an environmental children’s book series? I’m so glad you asked :). After 10+ years of writing about sustainability and climate change issues for governments, international organizations and the private sector, […]
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Fast Fashion: Clothing that follows fashion trends and moves quickly with the latest pieces. Sadly 60% of clothing is now made with synthetic fibers and fossil fuels. When it reaches landfills, this clothing is unable to decompose and this poses a problem for the environment. Companies that use fast fashion include:   Uniqlo, Victoria’s Secret, Urban […]
  1. Science
Synopsis: Reducing operational energy use in buildings helps when trying to lower greenhouse gas emissions. From passive design strategies to installing solar panels there are several ways to promote energy efficiency in a building.  Reducing Operational Energy Use in Buildings Many people do not realize how much energy it takes to keep a building running.  […]
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WATER & SUSTAINABILITY Water is one of the most essential natural resources for life yet, it is becoming scarce due to increasing consumption and continuous pollution. While new technologies for water reuse are being implemented to existing ones, change in our perception towards water is a key concept for a better, sustainable future. The word […]
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Synopsis: This article shares three easy steps to reduce plastic waste and tells readers how to recycle soft plastics and “Other Flexible Plastic Packaging” in British Columbia. This post is for my fellow British Columbians. If you don’t live in BC don’t worry, I like you too, I just can’t promise that what I’m about […]
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We’re scared about the climate crisis. Now what? In this article I explore environmental psychology and ways in which we can begin to move past our anxieties about climate change. Headline after headline, study after study, heat wave after oppressive heat wave… is it any wonder more and more people around the world are developing […]


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