What is a Capsule Closet? 

A capsule closet is a closet that has a limited number of items; these pieces are typically the most essential or influential compared to the others. This practice is used in the fashion industry to show off the best pieces of a collection. However, this practice can be adapted into our own closets and there are many benefits to having one. You will save time and energy from choosing outfits, as you only have a certain number of items to choose from, you will save money from impulse purchases of items you do not need, and you may discover new outfits with the same piece that you never knew you could have. Capsule closets are also beneficial to the environment. By buying fewer clothes, you will help to reduce the amount of waste in landfills caused by clothing. 

Photo by Sonia Sanmartin on Unsplash

Building Your Own

Everyone’s capsule closet will look different since it is specific to a person’s style and preference but the steps for creating one are generally the same: 

Reduce the number of items in your closet to 40 (or a number around 40). These items will include shirts, hoodies, sweaters, pants, shoes, and jackets (Other items such as swimsuits, pajamas, workout clothes and accessories will not be included). 

Picking items: 

  • Make sure these items are suitable for the season you are currently in.
  • It is completely up to you how many of each item you want to have in your closet. For example, you can have one pair of shoes and 20 shirts.
  • Pick the items that you truly like (you’re going to be stuck with them for a while). 

Photo by Sarah Brown on Unsplash

Some Rules to Follow

  • Only wear the items you chose for the season (3 months) without buying anything in between. During this time, you can mix and match the different items in your closet. 

TIP: Don not go shopping if it’s hard to resist buying

  • A few weeks before the new season, you can plan out what you want in your new capsule closet as well as going out to shop for any items that you need. (Do not buy an entire new closet) 
  • Put items that do not make it into your capsule closet but you want to save for the future seasons in a “Maybe” box. If a year passes and that item is still not in use, donate or sell it. 

Hopefully this helps you get started with your capsule closet. Let us know in the comments how your experience with a capsule closet goes as well as any tips you have to make the experience better!

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