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The professional League of Legends team FlyQuest will be making their debut at the world championships, and launching their third charity campaign of the year, WorldQuest.

The professional League of Legends team FlyQuest will are making their debut at the world championships, and saving the world one tree and coral at a time.

FlyQuest, a professional League of Legends team, will be attending the League of Legends World Championships. Tricia Sugita, the CEO of Flyquest says that FlyQuest will be revisiting their past charity campaigns “TreeQuest” and “SeaQuest” and combine them into a joint charity effort named “WorldQuest”.

FlyQuest and the Go Green Initiative

Established in 2017, FlyQuest is a professional esports organization with a goal to #ShowcaseGreatness. They are known primarily for their North American League of Legends team that plays in the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS). At the start of 2020, FlyQuest announced their new CEO, Tricia Sugita, and along with her, their Go Green initiative.

In an article announcing Sugita’s promotion to CEO, she says, “We believe everyone has the ability to affect real change for our planet, and we want to facilitate ways for us to address important environmental issues together”.

🌳TreeQuest for OneTreePlanted🌳

FlyQuest started their year with their TreeQuest campaign, a tree-planting initiative for OneTreePlanted that ran throughout the spring split of the League Championship Series (LCS).

The guidelines of their initiative were simple:

  • Flyquest will plant a tree each time a FQ player gets a kill in an LCS match
  • Flyquest will plant 10 trees for each Ocean Drake taken by any team in the LCS Note: The Ocean Drake is a game objective in LoL
  • Flyquest will plant 100 trees for each FQ victory in the LCS

By the end of the regular season, Flyquest had donated over 5000 trees. Flyquest also placed fourth overall, allowing them to make their first playoffs appearance in the organization’s history.

During playoffs, Flyquest pledged to plant double the amount of trees for each FQ kill, Ocean Drake, and FQ win.

FlyQuest finished the Playoffs in second place, behind the team Cloud9, and planted a total of 8440 trees by the end of the Spring season – a huge accomplishment for both the LoL team and their #GOGREEN mission.

🌊SeaQuest: Champions of the Reef🌊

For the second part of their Go Green Initiative, Flyquest set on the path to becoming the “Champions of the Reef” by pledging donations to the Coral Reef Alliance, one of the largest coral reef foundations in the world. Like the Spring Split, Flyquest donated money for each kill, Ocean Drake, and victory secured during LCS games.

FlyQuest finished the Summer season standing in third place, qualifying them for their second appearance at LCS Playoffs. Once again, they doubled their donations for each kill, Ocean Drake, and victory in a continuation of SeaQuest called “Deep SeaQuest”

During the Playoffs tournament, they became the first LCS team to secure a spot at Worlds 2020. They also once again finished Playoffs in 2nd place – this time behind Team Solomid, raising a total of $11,357 for the Coral Reef Alliance.

Combining their efforts throughout the Spring and Summer season, FlyQuest raised over $20,000 towards the planet. For this, FlyQuest was also nominated for the 2020 Esports Awards.


With the 2020 League of Legends Worlds Championships beginning on September 25 2020, the FlyQuest team recently introduced their new campaign, WorldQuest. In a video explaining the details of WorldQuest, Sugita explains that FlyQuest will pledge donations towards both OneTreePlanted and The Coral Reef Alliance.

For the first phase of WorldQuest, FlyQuest will pledge:

  • $5 to Trees + $5 to Corals for each kill
  • $50 to Trees + $50 to Corals for each Ocean Drake
  • $500 to Trees + $500 to Corals for each victory

If FlyQuest makes it out of the groups stage, they will go onto phase two of WorldQuest with even more ambitious pledges:

  • $10 to Trees + $10 to Corals for each kill
  • $100 to Trees + $100 to Corals for each Ocean Drake
  • $1000 to Trees + $1000 to Corals for each victory

Bonus Milestones

  • Making it out of groups: $2500 to Trees + $2500 to Corals
  • Winning Quarter Finals: $5000 to Trees + $5000 to Corals
  • Winning Semi-Finals: $25,000 to Trees + $25,000 to Corals
  • Champions: $50,000 to Trees + $50,000 to Corals


FlyQuest has been matched with a tough group to compete against, with Top Esports and DragonX being favoured to win. However, their initiative will be one to remember, and a great reason to cheer for them.

Watch FlyQuest make their Worlds debut on October 3, 2020 where they will be facing against the Chinese team Top Esports.
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