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Over the past couple of days, I have seen nothing but the utmost respect for the Black community; it humbles me to know that I am surrounded by such a great group of individuals. Some others may have a different perspective, but nonetheless, there is an immense amount of support out there. This is a situation where we can use our voices together and create that massive change that is needed.

It’s despicable to see that these discriminatory tendencies are still present in the 21st century. As a personal thought, we were all created to live our lives on this planet, and as we share the common ground, shouldn’t we also remain on common ground?


Maya Angelou, Martin Luther King Jr, and Malcolm X are notably the most influential African Americans in history. These individuals are most known for their civil rights activism; they took it upon themselves to obtain justice – to fix a broken system. It is now our turn to continue their mission and obtain the justice that the black community deserves. No one should be fighting to be equal, we should all be born with equal rights and respect for each other.

Photo by Vince Fleming on Unsplash

Educate Yourself

If you haven’t been paying attention to mainstream media, social media, or anything on the internet, please take some time out of your day to read some articles and educate yourself on this important matter. At this time, apart from other important things in our lives, we should be focusing on this matter at hand. Racism, prejudice, and discrimination have gone on for far too long. Let’s take action!

Check out some sources here to educate yourself, donate, or sign petitions:

Over this past Tuesday, it was known as #blackouttuesday on social media and some news outlets claim this may prove to create more harm than good towards the movement. Helping spread the educational material is great, but simply hopping on to the #BLM or #blackouttuesday hashtag bandwagon might not serve as effective as you might think. It’s great to spread awareness but similar to other things, stick with it in moderation; be intentional with your actions and continue to serve the correct purpose.

CNN claims that “while these posts may be well-intended, several activists and influencers have pointed out that posting a blank black image with a bunch of tags clogs up critical channels of information and updates.” In addition to this point, while simply including the #blackouttuesday tag may be alright to spread awareness, but by including other tags such as, #blm or #blacklivesmatter, it may disrupt the information distributed through these tags on social media platforms; it will flush the hashtags with content that might not be as relevant.

Help Out

For further impact, we’d highly recommend those that are interested to sign petitions, donate time or money (if financially possible), and definitely share relevant content on your social media channels. Remember that all actions should be intentional and serve the correct purpose. With these small consistent actions, immense change can take place.

To keep it short, I’d just like to share a graphic that I found on LinkedIn:

I thought this graphic explained these terms perfectly well; as someone who often gets confused by the meaning of equality, equity, and justice, this definitely helped out with my understanding. As some final words, everyone helps out in these sensitive situations differently, please do not shame others when they don’t contribute in the same ways as you do. During a time like this, we have to stick together and fight for the justice that is deserved! #blacklivesmatter #blm

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